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Relationship and Marriage Counselling

If you are having problems with your relationship, I understand that taking the first step towards addressing your concerns is not always easy. Even though I often work on an individual basis helping clients with various problems, my speciality is relationships and couple counselling. My aim is to make it as comfortable as possible for you to get your relationship back on track. In our confidential sessions, I take care to ensure your dignity by listening to your deepest feelings and concerns in a caring and non-judgemental way.

I have worked in this way many hundreds of times and find that each couple bring me new challenges. I am particularly passionate about this area of my work and I am always careful to treat all my clients as individuals, even if their problems seem familiar. You are both likely to feel a great relief and freedom once you can begin to understand the dynamics of your relationship and how they may be at the root of the problem.

Before creating the Counselling Room, I worked for a well known national relationship counselling agency. I was trained by them at Herbert Gray College in Rugby. In fact, I was their counsellor at the Neetside Centre in Bude for a number of years until I moved on. They no longer have a presence in Bude and so I felt it was time to fill the gap. I see couples who are in a state of crisis, for instance after the discovery of an extra-marital affair, or when the passion is in short supply and there is a feeling of drifting apart. Healthy and happy relationships that support the dreams and well-being of both individuals don’t just happen, they are created. Couple counselling can help you create a supportive relationship and help you to re-ignite your passion for each other.

Your shared journey may be one of rediscovering what brought you together in the first place, breaking down the walls of defensiveness and resentment and regaining mutual respect. Couples often access relationship counselling to work on problems and conflicts that they are unable to solve on their own.

Our relationships are often the most important things in our lives. When they’re going well, they bring us the joy and the contentment of feeling connected to another human being on the deepest level. However, when we go through difficult times, our relationship can cause a great deal of anguish. If you are going through a rough patch in your relationship or marriage, you may be struggling with things such as communication, lack of connection, loss of affection or intimacy, lack of excitement, or feeling judged, misunderstood, rejected, or abandoned by your partner. Once we learn how to take care of each other's sensitivities and vulnerabilities, learning to respect rather than change the person we are with, it becomes easier to solve our problems and resolve any deep seated issues.

I enjoy working with couples, because sometimes the problems they see as overwhelming are often just a problem of lacking effective communication. Couples often disagree with each other and find it an uphill struggle to find the middle ground. Ultimately, we need a better understanding of our own fundamental needs and values as well as our reactions to our partners' so that we can make sense of the complex dynamics that occur in our intimate relationships.

And so, I hope to provide you with the means to gaining some solutions that you will not only find life-changing, but also bring a new beginning to you as a couple. There is never a better time than the present to enquire about how your relationship can be helped. Telephone me in confidence and I will arrange an appointment for you and your partner to begin your healing journey.

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