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I promised Baz that I would write a review and so here it is albeit 6 months or so after the event.

I would highly recommend Baz to help in any aspect of your life that needs some outside guidance. Although we went for marital issues, which Baz was brilliant at dealing with, he also gave me the strength to believe in myself as a person and make me realise that I can make choices to make my life happier. The marriage may not be saved, but I as a person am getting stronger every day. We all deserve to be treated with respect and not humiliated by others.

I am as the saying goes “worth it”; thank you Baz for helping me to believe that I deserve better. I will change my life and I can find happiness again.

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S x

I would like to highly recommend the services offered here by Baz at the Bude Counselling Rooms.  I found the hardest step was making the first call. But please don't hesitate, because once you do, your problems which can seem huge, will be dealt with in the most humane, gentle way.

Baz has completely changed my life, my relationship with my husband and my children's lives through his caring, no nonsense approach during our couples counselling. His knowledge and understanding of the issues and dynamics going on between myself and my husband were immense.  He could read us like a book and I'm afraid we were a tough couple to get through to, but with his caring perseverance, we both came away feeling like we had a new lease on our relationship and lives ahead.  Baz gave us the tools and the awareness necessary to make positive changes in what seemed like a doomed relationship. I cannot thank him enough for that. In this day and age it can seem like we should be able to sort our lives out ourselves, but sometimes we all need a little guidance.  In just 6 sessions, we were shown the way to make our lives together better, how to work as a team and how to love again.  Baz does all that in the most caring and sincere way.  He is an exceptional counsellor and a real asset to the community.  Thank you!  

Our Counsellor was Baz at Bude. He helped us both a great deal. It’s amazing how simple it all is really, but we just couldn’t see it when we first came.

He is an asset to you, a lovely man. But then, you knew that already, didn’t you? !

Thanks, - a very important service for Cornwall.

Dear Sir/ Madam,

Recently, due to marital problems, my husband and I had reason to consult with one of your counsellors, Baz, at Neetside, Bude. Initially I was very apprehensive as I am not comfortable discussing personal problems with a stranger. Baz was very understanding and allayed any anxieties immediately.

Throughout subsequent appointments he supplied us with advice and strategies to overcome our problems and to aid our recovery in a very professional and non-judgmental way.

Baz is a great credit to your organisation and we thank you for the excellent service that we have received.

Yours faithfully, CP

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